Trade-in Promotions



    Here's how to get up to $1000 Off eligible smartphones.

    1. Purchase one of the  GETaTRADE-IN   device listed below. 
    2. Activate a new line or upgrade your existing line on an eligible unlimited plan.
    3. Purchase an eligible smartphone on an eligible installment plan.

    • $830 Off - Apple: iPhone 15 series

    • $800 Off - Samsung: Galaxy S23 series

    • $1000 Off - Samsung: Galaxy ZFlip5 & ZFold5 . 

    4. Your   GETaTRADE-IN   receipt  is your trade-in device. Provide your   GETaTRADE-IN  device purchase receipt to your sales representative. (If the wireless store is not one of our partners and not able to process, contact our support team and we will connect you with a wireless expert to help.)
    5. Get up to $800/$830/$1000 back via 36 monthly bill credits for the eligible smartphone. Some smartphones might be more. 

    *Money-back guarantee. All devices sold by GETaTRADE-IN are guaranteed to qualify for the trade-in promotion. The devices are fully inspected and verified to ensure its qualification for the trade-in promotion requirements.   See terms and conditions for details.
    **See   AT&T Terms and Conditions  for complete details of the trade-in promotion.

    AT&T: up to $1000 Off Trade-in Promotion iPhone

    $700 Off: AT&T/Verizon Trade-in Device